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Medical Solutions for Men and Women

LiveWell Clinic has one goal:

To help you achieve and maintain a satisfying sex life.

Physical Condition. Psychological Pain.

In years past erectile dysfunction was in your head or natural aging.  Science has proven beyond a shadow of doubt this is not the case. Most experts now agree that 90% plus cases of erectile dysfunction have a physical cause. We also know that there is significant psychological hurt and pain that accompanies ED for both the patient and his lover. How many women think, What is wrong with me that he doesn’t find me attractive? or, He doesn’t want me. Does he have another lover?  How many relationships break up because of a medical issue?

If you break your leg or if you have a heart attack, you seek medical attention. What is the difference if you have nerve damage or occlusion of the small vessels causing ED?

At LiveWell Clinic we understand the science behind erectile dysfunction and are sensitive to the psychologic pain this causes.

Our Mission

LiveWell Clinic is a medical facility to treat sexual dysfunction. LiveWell will apply the latest medical technology to allow clients to have the most satisfying sex life possible. We consider it an honor that patients allow us to help with their most intimate and sensitive issues. As such, we pledge to handle these issues with the professionalism and discretion that is expected from a physician.

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